The Territorium E-Proficiency Profile with Official Content by ETS is a general education outcomes assessment of core skills used by higher ed institutions to demonstrate program effectiveness, assessing and demonstrating student learning while optimizing institutional time and resources

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Territorium E-Proficiency Profile

About the E-Proficiency Profile

Yes. The Territorium E-Proficiency Profile test uses the same assessment content as the Proficiency Profile test that has been delivered by ETS.
Territorium will offer only online testing administrations. ETS will service customers with existing digital and paper assessment credits through June 2023.
No. Territorium offers an assessment similar to the Proficiency Profile Optional Essay, the HEIghten Written Communications assessment. For 15 minutes more in testing time, HEIghten Written Communications provides a powerful combination of human and automated scoring approaches to score essays.  This allows focused evaluation of writing skills such as writing skills in argumentation building up, critical use of resources, and other higher order aspects of writing.  By providing a score that is a combination of performance on both the selected-response questions and on the direct writing measure, a more holistic view of a learners’ overall writing proficiency with insights about the students’ knowledge or writing and whether they can put that knowledge into practice is provided.
Almost 400 institutions nationwide rely on the Proficiency Profile to provide the valid, reliable data they need for a variety of planning, performance measurement and improvement programs including accreditation and accountability, academic program evaluation and improvement, and benchmarking.

Pricing and Buying the E-Proficiency Profile

No. Currently, Territorium does not offer volume pricing for the E-Proficiency Profile.

Assessment Administration and Support

Your Territorium Customer Success Manager will assist you in ensuring that your administrator accounts are established and that administrators are trained to use the Territorium platform to administer the E-Proficiency Profile.
Yes. Territorium’s Customer Success team will work with customers to ensure that their administrator accounts are established and that each administrator is trained to use the Territorium platform to administer the E-Proficiency Profile.
Students will have the ability to create their own account on the Territorium platform. Alternatively, administrators may add students individually or by sending a student roster to their Territorium Customer Success Manager.
Yes. Territorium will conduct weekly Assessment Administration training sessions for its platform beginning April 2023. Fill out this form to sign up. Territorium will also provide a digital library of quick reference resources to support Assessment Administrators.
You can access support by emailing You will receive a response from Territorium within 1 business day.
Students can access support by emailing Students will receive a response from Territorium within 1 business day.

Data and Reporting

Territorium will provide report data in both CSV and PDF formats.