Progressing Education Outcomes for All

Territorium’s education delivery, measurement, and tracking ecosystem delivers a results-oriented experience for learners of all ages


The Territorium ecosystem of solutions supports all individuals in their education and career journey. Territorium’s solutions support competency-based learning, and skills attainment and measurement, both in-person and online.

Enhancing Learning Experiences & Outcomes

Up to
increase in employability rate
Up to
increase in student retention
Up to
increase in student engagement

Promoting Equity

Every learner is different. Territorium helps ensure that learning is occuring in the classroom at all levels. In addition, TerritoriumCLR provides all students with a lifelong record of learning — both in and out of the classroom — giving them an advantage in the pursuit of their college and career goals.

Delivering Results

Supporting Success

The Territorium ecosystem measures lifelong learning, tracks student progress, and elevates student success by identifying and quantifying all of their attained competencies.


Offers students a complete, verifiable record of their skills and competencies to support learners, educators, and employers


Measures core skills identified as critical in most educational standards for career success.™

Enables test monitoring and delivery with ID verification to preserve credibility of assessment results.


Delivers personalized, adaptable learning experiences to learners of all abilities

Bring a Competency-Based Learning, Evidence and Employability Approach
to Your Organization.

Territorium unlocks competency-based approaches
to learning, training, and hiring that drive better learning and career outcomes for individuals.

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