CLR: Translating Whole Life Learning into Skills

Territorium CLR creates an ecosystem around a Comprehensive Learner Record that captures all aspects of learning into a complete competencies and skills transcript



of companies say graduates have the skills needed for jobs1


of education providers believe their graduates have the skills needed for jobs2


of first-year college students discover that, despite being fully eligible to attend college, they are not ready for postsecondary studies3

What Is a Comprehensive Learner Record?

Learning can happen anywhere. The push behind Comprehensive Learning Records (CLR) reflects this. The CLR is a digital-first tool that captures learning experiences in a more granular manner, benefiting schools, teachers, students, and future employers.

With a CLR, a learner’s abilities and accomplishments can be more easily tracked and managed, going beyond the capabilities of traditional transcripts and resumes.

Better Learning and Career Outcomes

By harnessing AI, TerritoriumCLR is able to rapidly map and analyze every on-campus and off-campus learning experience into the granular competencies and skills that reflect true learning – not just grades and badges. This enables TerritoriumCLR to recommend courses, learning experiences, and job pathways tailored to a student’s interests and needs, empowering them with personalized competencies, skills and evidence information to position them for a more successful academic and professional career.

Accurately Maps Every
Learning Experience.
Integrates with Leading
Education and Career Systems.
Leverages Advanced
Machine Learning Features.


TerritoriumCLR is the evidence-based record verified by faculty, staff, and industry standards, designed to provide a comprehensive view of a student’s knowledge, competencies, and skills.

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Comprehensive Learner Record
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TerritoriumCLR delivers all aspects of learning in a lifelong record of achievement to help the individual optimize their education and career, while also giving schools, universities, governments, and companies a new way to improve their organizational performance.

For K-12
For Higher Education
For Students and Parents
For Employers

TerritoriumCLR helps K-12 schools ensure their students are building out the competencies and skills to meet state standards, while also progressing toward long-term learning and life success.

Through TerritorumCLR, educators empower students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through competency-based education while continuing to take an objective approach to learning.

As the future of work continues to change and new skills are required, TerritoriumCLR ensures that each person has a complete, digital record of competencies throughout their entire life, accessible at any time.

TerritoriumCLR helps employers identify the best candidates for their open positions by showcasing each person’s strengths, skills, and competencies in a much more comprehensive manner than a traditional resume.

How the TerritoriumCLR Works

TerritoriumCLR seamlessly and easily integrates with leading campus learning management systems such as Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle, as well as Territorium’s own LMS that’s called LXP. It also offers connections to LinkedIn, Indeed, and other top-rated job boards to surface relevant job opportunities based on acquired competencies and skills.

The TerritoriumCLR User Experience

The TerritoriumCLR shows students a comprehensive view of their interests, knowledge, and talents, provides them a pathway to follow to meet their career goals, helps them understand the relevance of each learning experience to their education and career, and delivers job opportunities based on their profile.


TerritoriumCLR unlocks competency-based approaches to learning, training, and hiring that drive better learning and career outcomes for individuals. Meet with the Territorium team to advance your school, university, or company today.

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