Careerbit: Smoothly Navigate the Transition from Education to Work and Career

Careerbit is a personalized mobile technology drawing upon verified skills, experiences, competencies and credentials for real jobs and employability readiness.

Territorium’s CareerBit is a career tracker built inside of the LifeJourney app that helps learners seeking job opportunities smoothly navigate the transition from education to work and career by effectively connecting college and university learning outcomes to job market requirements. Similar to how apps can track healthy habits to support fitness goals, CareerBit shows job seekers how their skills and competencies align with what employers require for each job opportunity and recommends pathways and learning experiences to achieve their career goals.

Our new Opportunity Fit score in CareerBit projects the alignment between the skills profile of the learner and the employer’s skills profile for the desired job. As a career-navigation tool, Opportunity Fit is focused on the demonstrated skills that help job seekers know their current-match-level or career progress towards acquiring key employability factors, including skills, work-experience, and endorsements that strengthen their candidacy for selected jobs. Ultimately, Opportunity Fit shows learners their increasing chances or probability of getting the job or role in the career they are pursuing.

For Learners

Real opportunity that fits in the palm of your hand:

  • Building the learner’s digital profile of “what I can do” competencies and skills
  • Exploring how these fit with different roles/jobs in different careers
  • Guiding the student’s understanding of education pathways and work-experience requirements
  • Comparing skills and salaries for multiple job opportunities in different careers

For Colleges and Universities

CareerBit is a comprehensive employability readiness solution that:

  • Integrates career exploration and information resources to help students compare different jobs and careers
  • Creates competencies and skills tracking plus a transcript of these in an evidence-and-standards-based mobile format
  • Utilizes the TerritoriumCLR, a 1EdTech certified Comprehensive Learner Record, for students to present their know-how to employers
  • Connects students with in-demand, real jobs updated daily offered by employers affording them the ultimate career-connected experience

For Workforce Agencies and Employers

  • CareerBit EP identifies the best candidates for each job opening
  • Connects what students are learning in college classrooms to what employers are seeking in new hires
  • Collects and tracks assessments and learning artifacts as evidence or proof of learning to create a competencies and skills transcript for students to present their know-how to employers
  • Provides an infrastructure for employer to partner with educators in validating career-ready requirements for graduates.