About the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

Helping you help your students succeed.

​How can you show solid evidence of your students’ skill levels in critical general education areas? The HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite can help. This innovative, modular, computer-delivered assessment tool enables colleges and universities to measure the student learning outcomes (SLOs) that are essential for academic success.


The HEIghten assessment suite gives you the power to:

  • demonstrate solid evidence of your students’ skill levels in critical general education areas — and show the value your educators bring to student learning
  • share this information with faculty, accrediting bodies, policymakers, students and their families, and employers
  • make better-informed decisions to enhance curriculum, improve the overall learning experience and achieve your institution’s goals
  • benchmark your students’ scores against similar institutions and evaluate improvement over time

Why Choose the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite?

  •  Flexible, customizable modular format. Choose any or all of the five assessment modules — Civic Competency & EngagementCritical ThinkingIntercultural Competency & DiversityQuantitative Literacy and Written Communication.
  • Get the full picture. Combine the standardized results from the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite with your internal assessments for a comprehensive view of student performance.
  • Accurate and reliable evidence. The HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite is aligned with national frameworks and the latest education research and policies.
  • Actionable, easy-to-use information. Score reports are designed for ease of use, providing summary and detailed views, sub-scores, and proficiency levels with performance descriptors.
  • Convenient administration. Assess students via computer, on campus or remotely. Each module takes approximately 45 minutes, so you can fit it into one class period with minimal impact on faculty or students. You also have the option to administer the test non-proctored.

For more information about how the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite can help your program or if you have questions about ordering, contact Keith Look, EdD, Territorium VP of Equity & Innovation for Higher Ed at (502) 780-8096 or keith.look@territorium.com.