Update: Territorium Partners with ETS to Deliver E-Proficiency Profile, Expanding its Capabilities to Assess Program Level Student Learning Outcomes and Core Skills for Higher Ed

Territorium E-Proficiency Profile, with official content by ETS, will evaluate higher ed institutions’ program effectiveness and assess student skills and competencies 

San Antonio, TX – February 8, 2023Territorium, a global education technology leader with 11 million active users across 15 countries, today announced an expanded partnership with ETS, the world’s largest, non-profit educational assessment, measurement and research organization, to integrate E-Proficiency Profile into its personalized assessment platform and comprehensive learner record (CLR). Territorium E-Proficiency Profile (EPP), with official content by ETS, will evaluate higher education institutions’ program outcomes by assessing student learning outcomes and core skills, while optimizing institutional effectiveness.

Territorium, which administers over 4 million exams annually in over 15 countries, will continue working closely with ETS over the coming years to provide an improved, more personalized assessment experience to nearly 400 colleges and universities across the U.S. Starting July 1, 2023, Territorium will be the sole provider of both the EPP and HEIghten® assessments as part of its expanded Assessment Services, which includes, a personalized assessment and remote proctoring solution. In October 2021, Territorium integrated ETS’s HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite, measuring student skills through five modules: critical thinking, quantitative literacy, intercultural competency and diversity, written communication, and civic competency and engagement. 

“We are thrilled to add EPP to Territorium’s expanding suite of assessment solutions and measurement of skills for student success,” said Guillermo Elizondo, co-founder and CEO, Territorium. “ETS has a long, successful history as the gold standard in assessments, helping institutions meet accreditation requirements and measure student performance. Together, with Territorium’s AI-powered digital platform and CLR, we are providing institutions and students with powerful data to better understand each learner’s skills in a comprehensive way, beyond courses and letter grades.”

“Institutions have an appetite for more holistic interim and formative assessment data on their students’ competencies and skills development over time in order to demonstrate program effectiveness on their terms,” said Jonell Sanchez, Chief Growth Officer, Territorium. “Territorium EPP, embedded with the TerritoriumCLR, will provide institutions with a data-rich, granular picture of each learner’s competencies and skills progression, and afford each student access to their learning pathways and achievements on their life journey through school and career.” 

Territorium E-Proficiency Profile measures learning in four core skill areas — reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking — through a single, efficient, and convenient digital testing experience. With EPP, higher education institutions are able to:

  • Improve accountability and accreditation – Meet requirements for accreditation and accountability initiatives and performance funding
  • Inform and improve education programs – Evaluate and inform teaching and learning to pinpoint strengths and areas of opportunity and improvement
  • Benchmark institutional performance – Benchmark your institution’s performance with comparative data for almost 400 institutions and more than 600,000 students nationwide

“Together with Territorium, institutions will benefit from the combined value of having ETS’s core assessment strengths and the transformative power of Territorium’s unified platform to manage assessments, measure learning outcomes, and record learners’ competencies and skills,” said Alberto Acereda, associate vice president for Global Higher Education at ETS. “We are proud to provide even greater value to institutions that wish to measure the academic skills their students develop and make any improvements to their programs based on skills development and outcomes.”

Starting in early March 2023, Territorium will conduct weekly Assessment Administration training sessions for its platform. Territorium will also provide a digital library of quick reference resources to support institutions. For questions or support, contact

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