Territorium Announces Official U.S. Launch, Welcomes Six Senior Executives to Accelerate Growth in the U.S.

Territorium US Growth Team

Hailing from leading education organizations such as ACT, National Student Clearinghouse, College Board, Hobson’s, InsideHigherEd, U.S. Department of Education, school districts, universities, private-industry and more, the new U.S. leadership team positions the Company for rapid growth and success in K-12 higher ed, and workforce education

Territorium, a global education technology leader with 11 million active users across 15 countries, today announced the addition of six executives to its U.S. leadership team. The new team members, led by Jonell Sanchez, Chief Growth Officer, include Dr. Keith Look, Vice President of Education Solutions; Rebecca Busacca, Vice President of Business Development; Julie Murphy, Vice President of Operations; Dr. Joe Green, Vice President of Product Strategy; and Eric Stoller, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Content. The Company’s solution offerings span assessment services, learning services, and integrated education to work data-driven pathways that guide career navigation and employability. 

“I am thrilled to welcome this team to the organization and make an impact in the U.S. as we’ve done across the world,” said Guillermo Elizondo, co-founder and CEO, Territorium. “We have come a long way since our founding. Each new team member brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the needs of the U.S. education and workforce communities.The team will demonstrate through our vision, capabilities and key partners, our data-driven skills and competency set of solutions that will help transform the way students and jobseekers transition and excel along their individual journeys.

Territorium makes learning and skills acquisition more accessible and measurable through its AI and blockchain-supported Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and digital wallet. Certified by 1EdTech, TerritoriumCLR provides learners with a complete competencies and skills transcript.

Dr. Keith Look, VP of Education Solutions at Territorium, has served as a school and district leader, where he facilitated learner, educator, and system-level progress and promoted growth in challenging environments. 

“Having worked with learners who did not have the traditional GPA or test scores to access the full gamut of college and career, I am proud to work with an organization committed to providing a more thorough and accurate mechanism for learners to demonstrate their competencies,” said Look.  “Technical solutions are not the silver bullet in solving issues of equity alone. Still, Territorium’s ecosystem makes meaningful progress by reaching an ever-broadening array of learners able to show what they know and are able to do in a variety of modalities.”

Chief Growth Officer Jonell Sanchez joined Territorium after decades working with leading education organizations , including Rutgers University, ACT, National Student Clearinghouse, Pearson, and the College Board. 

“COVID-19 revealed numerous hard realities about our U.S. education system and resulted in millions of learners falling further behind,” said Sanchez. “With this talented team and our globally proven results at scale, Territorium’s integrated education to workforce-competency and skills-measurement solutions will intersect silos that have been historic barriers to empowering a learner’s success in their educational and career journey. As an immigrant and ESL student in my early days, I can fast forward and know that Territorium will make an impact in the U.S.” 

Julie Murphy, who joined Territorium as VP of Operations, has served as a financial and technology executive in the insurance industry, and has been active in education technology as an advisor, entrepreneur, investor, operations and product leader since 2012. 

“I have a passion for education innovation through the use of technology to improve the learning experience,” said Murphy. “I’m excited to be joining this team and feel confident that we can make a difference in the career advancement and achievement of all students.”

In the coming months, Territorium will make a series of exciting announcements in the K12, higher education and workforce communities.